Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday
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Site Preparation

The customer must make sure the setup area is ready (i.e. lawns mowed, vehicles/obstacles out of the way, animal feces removed, setup location cleared) before the driver is scheduled to arrive. If the setup area is not ready or accessible when the driver arrives, or if rented products cannot be moved directly to the area (extra handling involved) the customer may be charged an additional delivery fee. If the setup area is not prepared, the driver might be forced to leave and/or reschedule your delivery at a later time, in which case a delivery fee will be applied.

WJC is not responsible for damages, alterations, or cosmetic changes to surface areas caused by our rented products setup for any amount of time. Inflatables may ruin grass or turf. If there is a concern about the setup area being damaged or altered, please choose a cement setup area as a setup location.

Underground Utilities: The customer assumes responsibility for any damage to underground utilities, landscaping, water lines resulting from product setup. WJC does not assume responsibility for utilities damaged by installation. Please be ready to inform the driver of the existence of any underground utilities (i.e. sprinkler systems, phone lines, gas lines, septic system, etc.), that may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor products. It is recommended you contact DIG ALERT at 8-1-1 before our arrival to be informed of any underground utilities in your area. White Jump Castle will not be liable for damages to private or city/county property if the customer, or person coordinating on behalf of the customer, does not notify the driver where to or not to anchor the rented products.